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R I C H  N E W E Y



With a keen sense of visual style and an inherent understanding of story-- combined with the ability to problem solve under pressure, an editor's timing and an intuitive connection to actors and their process-- Rich is a director with the whole package; one who is as passionate about his craft as he is for the opportunity to collaborate with other creative storytellers.

Director | Writer | Producer | Editor


With over 20 years experience in the industry, Rich Newey is an award-winning, multi-hyphenate director, writer, editor and producer. Starting his career in music videos, working in various locations across the globe...

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Killing Eleanor

Now Available on iTunes and Apple TV

A terminally ill old lady who wants to die on her own terms who convinces a self destructive addict to help kill her in exchange for clean urine. Currently in Post Production. Dark Comedy.

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Music Videos

Selected from the Archive

Sabi "First Girl On The Moon"

Warner Bros. Records. Shot on location in downtown Los Angeles. The song and video were dedicated to Sabi's former bandmate, Ella Ann, who was shot and wounded in the cross fire of a drive by shooting.